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Your partner in electronic repair        

       " In complement our repair service, LMIT offers                     complementary offers an alternative to curratif :
                                        PROACTIF "

  • Proactif : Preventive - Predictive - Audit & Consulting   
  • Approvisionnement : Buy Surplus - Advanced Exchange                                                                    Consignment Stock
>>> Offers adapted to your needs <<<

      - Depth knowledge of electronic components can offer services preventive maintenance on
         site or in your workshop equipment .

      - More than cleaning, technicians LMIT replace electronic components that cause wear under
         a heavier breakdowns for your equipment .

      - On your strategic materials, easily removable, LMIT also offer preventive services on site
         plan during your sheduled switching off .

      - Predicative our operation in electronic allow for periodic measurements of your equipment
         ( electronic frequency , ups , electronic card )
      - A report will reveal a detailed diagnosis of your electronic equipment , if no fault is found,
         the report will reference for future analyses .

      - These measurement reading help you plan your  preventive interventions, you no
         longer need to make a systematic preventive components .     

      - Our audits based on a detailed identification of your equipment fleet in electronic
         equipment ( electronic frequency , automates )

      - Our audit report highlights the risks associated with your installation and the manufacturer
         of your equipment obsolescence .

      - This audit will provide advice to maintain in operational condition your production .

      - LMIT manages a stock of used or reconditioned equipment in the state for the sale .
      - This offer allows you to incorporate into your piece missing stock you spare .

      - The stored materials are mostly drive, automates .

      - For reduce the delays of repair, LMIT has reserved a number of pieces used reconditioned

      - To the extent that your equipment is repaired, we will offer an exchange standard used in
         order to reboot the faster your installation .


      - Always with the aim of reducing delays restart after a stop. LMIT may make available a
        consignment stock on your site or ours premises .
     - The consignment stock is dedicated to keeping your operational facilities, it will be replenished
        by the reintegration of your piece in failures reconditioned by us .